Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mug Shots & OUCH!

We are always making fun of Ryanne in the mornings cause she looks like she either pulled an all nighter or slept standing on her head! I caught her looking in the (dirty) bathroom mirror to see what all the fuss was about and no kidding these look like some celebrity mug shots I have seen on the news recently.At least she can laugh about it!
Here she is thinking,"Man, it's gonna hurt to have this combed out!"
Just a little side note. A little girl in Morgans class fell off the bars last week and broke her arm above the elbow so badly that she had to have surgery and has pins and rods sticking out all over the place. I told Morgan to PLEASE be careful and watch herself on the bars. So yesterday I go to pick her up and she comes around the corner with her hand over her eye saying she doesnt want to show me what happened. I tell her that eventually she will have to lower her arm and that now was as good a time as any. She lowers it to reveal a bit of sand road rash above her eye and a bruise on her cheek. She says proudly," ya' I fell from the top of the bars and landed on my face but at least I didn't break my arm like Alize right mom?" Ya' Morgan falling on your face is much better. Good looking out! HEeelloo This coming from the child who fractured her mouth when she was two and has had black eyes and knots the size of eggs coming out of her forhead. There has to be something said about the kid who actually puts their hands out to catch themselves. Ahhh.....the joys of motherhood. If she is anything like me when it comes to athletics and playing I could be in a world of trouble.


Rhonda said...

Mason has an egg on his forehead, a nice looking scratch and bruise on his right temple, and bruises on his fingers frim 3 different incidences this week - one a day starting on Sunday. I joked about it asking him if he thought it was picture week or something - good thing it isn't. So how long does it take to get Ryanne's hair combed out in the morning. Honestly you would never know because it always looks so cute. By the way, I LOVE the pictures of her. She is soooo stinkin' cute.

DonnaG said...

Oh my gosh Ryanne and her hair are beautiful!!!! How long DOES it take to comb her hair out?

Morgan is one tough cookie. I love your rationale that she is gonna have to lower her arm eventually. I would have yanked the arm down and screamed in horror, thus further traumatizing them and outcasting them from all of the kids watching in silence!

Jessica said...

Okay the pictures of Ryanne made me laugh, that is great! haha. I was always afraid when I was on yard duty at RCS that something like that would happen.... and I was always glad when bad stuff didn't happen on my watch!