Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rain or Shine......................

If you live in California and you are reading this you will understand what I mean when I tell you this. We woke up this morning to a "sheet" of rain and freezing cold wind blowing against our house. Now this would have been fine had we been able to stay home in our PJ's all day but ohhhh no we had a swim meet. I asked as we were loading the kids in the car if anyone else was feeling sorry for themselves and mostly I just got grunts. God smiled on us for a couple of hours though becuase the clouds parted as we pulled into the high school and the warm beautiful sun came out. Just long enough for us to thaw out and watch Morgan compete. I kid you not we got home this afternoon and down came the rain again. The minute we got there I was reminded why it is that my oldest daughter has been able to so easily suck me into a sport that I knew nothing about. It is a family affair. Everyone gets involved and helps out. Everyone serves in some capacity and everyone cheers everyones kids on no matter what. Its got this adreniline rush to it that I love as well. It's crazy cause you sit around for hours and do nothing and then they call your kids event and its madness for like 30 seconds and then it's over and you sit for hours again till' their next event. All these reasons make it very fun and oh ya' cause I love her and would follow her anywhere and cheer her on in anything she decided to do helps too! ;)
She LOVES the water. Her favorite event is the butterfly which I still swear at this age seems like child abuse. The first time she was able to compete in the butterfly was back at the beginning of December. She did it in 37.3 this time she was prepared for it and worked out all week with her coach. She did it in 32.3 That is huge!!! 5 SECONDS!!!! And this time it was beautiful to watch. Less of a drowning motion and more graceful. I almost flung myself into the water as I was jumping for joy but then I remembered how cold it was. :) He,heeee! She always walks over to us at the other end of the pool and rattles of her time that the timers gave her, all business. Too cute!
Here is she is with a couple of her team mates after a race. Eating donuts of all things............yup' breakfast of champions.
They play poker for money while they wait, kidding! Its UNO. Hey, how did you think we were going to afford to send her to the Olympics?
Ryanne doesn't care how long we are there as long as there is enough food to go around. :) Thanks for being a good sport Ryanne and for kissing and hugging your sis after each event. And good job Morgan!!!!


Rhonda said...

Yaaayyy Morgan! When she's in the olympics, we'll all be watching and cheering her on (probably at our televisions) - saying, "we knew her when". And one day when she is older, she is going to tell everyone what an awesome mom she has for taking her to her swim meets in the freezing rain so she could cheer her on.

Jessica said...

ah how my swim team memories come flooding back when you post on that. My favorite was when we had a meet in Apple valley and it actually started snowing! What a supportive family you are, and good job Morgan on shaving 5 seconds off of your butterfly time, woo hoo!

christy p said...

Way to go Morgan!!!!! And, what a brave Mommy and Ryanne getting all bundled up! The weather was most definitely crazy on Sunday!