Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Thursday, January 31, 2008

A quick note from Ryanne

A big THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to my friend Jess who watched Ryanne today while I worked at Morgan's school. After you left today she said,"mama, I love Jessica!" Very cute. I know how much I hated to babysit when Morgan was only a couple of months old so thanks for dragging Ethan over and hanging out. Ryanne wanted to make you a picture. She colored it all by herself.
When I got home Jessica informed me that she and Ryanne had a little "life lesson" during lunch. I guess she was breast feeding Ethan when Ryanne asked what he was doing under there. Jessica did her best to explain that babies eat from their moms breasts and thats how they get milk. Ryanne exclaimed,"that's grose!!" Then a little later Jessica asked Ryanne if she was ready for her to get her pizza ready for lunch. Ryanne said," yes but then are you gonna feed me from "that?" (pointing to her boob) Kids are SO funny! Thanks for the laugh Jess. Did I get the scene about right? ;)


Jessica said...

Wow... a special post thanking me, boy do I feel special! You did get the story right... I came home and told Matt and we were laughing, it was really funny. It was no problem really :)

You're welcome Ryanne!

DonnaG said...

That is something that would come from our house. Very funny!

Rhonda said...

Ryanne never fails to get a laugh out of me. Soooo cute. When Molly was only a couple of months old we were helping a friend pick out light fixtures at a light store. We had Mason and her 3 year old, Mia, with us. They had Mia's dolls with them and were being so still and quiet in the store. When we looked to make sure everything was ok, they were both sitting down with their shirts pulled up, nursing their baby dolls. Kids are cute!

christy p said...

ohhh that is funny! :)