Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happiest place on earth

Here we are at Disneyland! We made it! The best part? Morgan was FINALLY tall enough to ride some of the bigger rides. She was having me measure her at home just to make sure they didn't try to short change her. Dan's Uncle Andy is pictured here with us. Thank you Aunt Jerri and Uncle Andy for letting us stay at your house. The kids LOVED it. We started off the morning going out to breakfast with Dan's uncle. Too fun! And then it was off for some adventure.
Oh and FYI this is Caleb (Morgan's best buddy since they were 5 months old) and now our next door neighbors as well! I took this shot of them on the Nemo ride. I must say I was VERY freaked out being in the submerine. I LOVE rollercoasters and drops, spins and falls but being under water even a little in a capsule? Not so much. :)
They wouldn't let the kids ride on Dumbo alone so guess who used the excuse that he was too tall? I won't mention any names....hhm-hum "Dan!" Anyhow, Caleb was a crazy driver I can tell you that much. Morgan just giggled the whole time.
Morgan and Caleb taking a break!
Either we gave Caleb to much cotton candy or he needs some more caffiene. Actually I think he is sleeping with his eyes open. This is the train ride back around just before we left. They were exhausted!! A good time was had by all. Same time, same place next year! :)


Rhonda said...

Where was Ryanne?
I love Disneyland birthday celebrations - so much fun!

christy p said...

WHAT????? Did you know that you literally PASSED my house on the 91 getting to Disneyland???? Weir Canyon/Yorba Linda Blvd. is my exit!!!! (Ten miles prior to D-land) Looks like you had a fabulous time....great family time!

Happy Valentine's Day!