Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A little pampering

All week Morgan has not felt great. She has been fighting off a cold and just feeling blue. Friday on the way to school she finally lost it; she was crying for her daddy (gone for a 48) and didn't want to get out of the car to join her carpool. Being the good mom that I am I threw her out and told her she had to suck it up through one more day and then she was off for the weekend to relax and daddy would behome in the morning. Hey, I prayed with her first and gave her pep talk but lets face it we all have bad days and still have to function so I wasn't about to let her stay home for a grumpy mood. When I got home I got to thinking of ways I could cheer her up when she got home. So I went into our office/guset room and built a fort. I hung sheets everywhere! (sorry about the nail holes honey!) ;) Pulled the bed out, made the bed all girly with lots of pillows, her favorite animals & dolls and even made her some cookies with shark sprinkles. (she wants to work with sharks when she grows up)Then I decided to turn it into a nail salon as well. I laid out her PJ's and ta-da!!
She was so excited and yup' that is a smile you are witnessing.
I put fake candles along the bed rail and hung lights from the ceiling as well. It was really fun. After we put Ryanne to bed we sat in the fort and I painted her nails, we ate the cookies, we read books and then we got cozy for a sleep over together.
Just say you can see the nail polish becuase she thinks its REALLY bright and since she isnt allowed to wear nail polish we have to act like that light glitter purple is really BOLD!! ;) I know this is one of those things that I will remember for a long time and smile. Although waking up this morning I decided I am high maintenance cause I REALLY missed my temper-pedic memory foam!! :)


Jessica said...

ahhh.... what a sweet mama you are :)

Rhonda said...

This is something she is going to remember for a long time too. Way to teach her the RIGHT WAY to be pampered already.

christy p said...

what a good Momma!!! She looks so sweet...and her nails are the PERFECT color. :)