Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've been tagged......................

I'VE BEEN TAGGED!! My friend Jess said I had nothing better to do tonight than take pictures of my fridge and tag someone else; I guess she was right cause here I am. How pathetic. ;) Anyways, as you will see here below there is a VERY detailed and highly diffecult filing system that takes place at my house as far as the fridge goes. On the front we have all the current picutres (ok a couple baby ones of the girls to remind me how cute and sweet they are) that are my favorite or of fun things we have recently done. The one of Dan and I at his first Triathalon is to remind him how much we spent on the race bike so he keeps on going!! ;) I also have Morgan's weekely reading log that we have to turn in every Monday morning and her free pizzas she has one for reading so many minutes.
Now, if you will go with me to the left of the fridge we have a really cute calendar my cousin made for me (thanks Shawna) and so I get to look at her beautiful family everyday, my kids current art work either done at school or home and Ryanne's leap frog ABC game.
On the right side more organization as you can clearly see; we have the hot lunch menu, the swim team's monthyl news letter, the discovery toys center craft schedule for Ryanne, a magnet note pad for grocery lists, a spelling list for Morgan and last but not least up in the top left corner our first photo ever taken with Morgan and our photo adopting Ryanne in court as a family. Also, more family pictures of my brother, nephew etc.
For just one brief little second I thought about cleaning it all up before posting but then thats not real life and I wouldn't want you to think for one singel minute i had it all together cause then you would say nasty things about me.............don't roll your eyes I know how woman are!! :) He,heheee!
Oh and I am tagging Christy P. and Rhonda K. :)


Jessica said...

haha... "your Jeffy" ;) Matt calls him Gordo ;) He is one of the better looking drivers... I told Matt some of those guys could use a makeover.

I'm so glad you did your fridge :) Way to use all of the space on it! :)

christy p said...

OHHH fridge is covered with a cabinet front. I don't have photos on it! BOOOO...but thank you for tagging me!

Rhonda said...

Oh man! We have one of those new stainless steel refridgerators and magnets don't stick to the front of it. I know, boring. I think Bruce loves it. He is not a big fan of refridgerator art. I'll post pictures later anyways though.