Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, July 28, 2008

Swim Meets, 1st birthday's, the big 3-8 and Baptism!

Well I think the title of my post says it all. We had a crazy busy weekend! It was all fun though. First off we got up at 5am to get Morgan ready for her out of town swim meet. Here she is waiting for the other girl to tag off so she can compete in the relay. She did so awesome and we were so proud of all the girls efforts. They stood strong and proud as they fought off sweltering heat. (oh wait, that was us parents. My bad! ;)
Then from the swim meet we headed directly to San-Diego to help my nephew Tyler celebrate his one year birthday. It was really fun seeing Dan's family and getting to love on all the nieces and nephews. Do you remember the picture of all the cousins from back in like March? Look how they have all grown already. Especially the twins. Morgan really has her hands full now.
Here Tyler is politely reminding Ryanne that it is HIS cake. See how she is licking her lips? Too funny.
Now to Sunday. Tired yet? Dan turned 38 on Sunday and Morgan wanted everyone to feel special on her daddy's birthday. She worked all week to make these crowns for all of us. Isn't that sweet? Very thoughtful Morgan, thank you. My mother in law Betty was in town for the weekend for Morgan's swim meet and Tyler's birthday so she snapped this photo of us on our way to church. Then after church she treated us and took us all to a yummy breakfast . Now just a side note because I know what you all are thinking here and no we don't purposely color coordinate our outfits every Sunday. I mean come on! We all came out and just happened to have blue, white and some browns on. Is that weird or what? I think we all should get out more or something. :) Oh well, it made for a cute picture. I just didn't want anyone to think we actually tried THAT hard. Is my crown the biggest? I should think so. ;)
Last but certainly not the least exciting thing that we did this weekend. Morgan got baptised Sunday night by her youth leader here at the regional park. About a month or so ago she asked us if we thought she was ready to get baptised. I asked her why she thought she was ready and she said,"because mama I love Jesus. He lives in my heart and I want to serve him for my entire life." Oh ya' your ready baby, your ready. So with a lump the size of an orange in my throat I watched my sweet babe make a public confession of her faith on Sunday. A few weeks ago she said,"mom, please don't go telling everyone I am doing this or make a big deal about it OK? This is just something I want to do for God and me." Now that its over I am allowed to tell you all and beam (just a little of course) at the decision Morgan made all on her own. :) We bought her a card and her first pair of cross earrings and she got a little choked up. Ahhhhhhh, I wish I could freeze these moments. So sweet and I am so blessed to be here another day to see my kids grow.
A little side note: John & Moe, it was so fun running into you after all these years. You made me laugh when you confessed to reading my blog (secretly) and said you felt like you were snooping into our private life. So cute! Snoop away friends. Snoop away!! Oh and if I know you like I think you are dying that your names are up here huh? ;)


christy p said...

Oh my....I am tired just reading about your weekend! Love the are always so good about capturing the moments.

Diana said...

Yes, I think your crown is the biggest! And what a beautiful confession of faith from Morgan. I wanted to cry just reading it, so I can imagine the pride and joy you felt.

Rhonda said...

Yay Morgan. Yes busy, but pretty awesome too.
And Happy Birthday Dan!!!

Erica said...

I got tired just from reading your blog. What an awesome weekend! Happy Birthday to Dan!

Jessica said...

Yay Morgan, how sweet and special :) Glad you had a fun weekend even though it was busy! I love when we all match, I think it's cute... and sometimes I dress all in the same color on purpose.

Eileen said...

Ok, I'm crying again. Way to go Morgan (and parents)!!! Happy Birthday, Dan!!! The crowns are great!!! and so deserving!!! Notice all my exclamation points!!! You guys rock!!!

Faithy said...

Okay, your weekend was crazy busy. That's awesome that Morgan made her profession of faith and was baptized! Just so you know I am that crazy and make us all match every Sunday...but you knew I was anal already. :) Your crowns are very cute, good job Morgan! Happy b-day Dan!

christy p said...

Hey you doing? I gave you a bloggy award...go check out my blog to get the details!!!