Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sleep Is Good!

I don't have any new news other than waiting for blood work and my Dr. appointment is like waiting for water to boil; the phone to ring or watching grass grow. Ha!

I am still laying low. Went to church Sunday which may have been a bad idea seeing that I felt like I ran a marathon afterwards.
I have been resting, resting and yes you guessed it resting!
I swear if everything comes back totally fine and all this was some fluke and I rested for nothing I am going to be so annoyed. LOL!
I can hear my mom now,"Your spleen doesn't enlarge and your kidneys don't quit filtering on a fluke, now stop fighting it and rest!"
Dan was gonna take a picture of me on our patio with my feet up yesterday and send it to my mom to prove I wasn't doing anything I wasn't supposed to be doing.

Truth be told I'm not really all that bored because even though my mind thinks of things I want to do like clean the carpet, fix a huge dinner or go shopping I really don't have the energy to do anything. So I feel like resting is good at this point.

I have one praise report though; I finally after 6 nights of insomnia SLEPT! I slept till' 3am and then was able to be still enough to fall back asleep till' 7am.

Sleep is good. It's what's right with the world. It's of God. Sleep is everything. A certain amount of sleep should be a requirement, the law in fact. People would be nicer, more patient. I think it could even cause world peace. Ha!
So now that I have gotten some sleep I am thankful that my head is clearer. I mean I have little control over my body at this point so I may as well have a brain that is functioning at full throttle.

Have a blessed day and later I will try and post some of the made of causes we came up with for my enlarged spleen. Like they might find a Great Dane paw print on it when the ultra sound comes back.


BC said...

That will be fun to read! Ready for humor.

I think Dr. Amen would agree with you on the sleep issue. Since you have time you can Google Dr. Amen and then get one of his books, and then find yourself reading all of his books...yada yada yada. LOL. Glad to hear a praise report! Keep me posted.

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