Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, March 16, 2012

Something Easy For Spring.......

My mom and I had seen this material valance in a baby boutique and thought,"hey, wouldn't that be cute done in Easter colors!" So what better time to catch up on crafts since I am supposed to be resting. I just bought a bunch of mix match fat quarter's on sale at Joanne's and cut strips about an inch and half wide and then tied them to ribbon.

I love Spring and I love fabric so this was fun. It would be really cute for a babies room too. Or we were even thinking you could do 4th of July fabric for the summer.
I have a lamp craft I want to tackle while I am on the mend to so when I get to that I will post it as well.

Macy update: She turned 17 months yesterday and today when Dan put her on the scale at the vet she weighed in at 125lbs. Yup' that's 125lbs. of sweet, cuddly Dane love. :)

I go in this coming Thursday to see a kidney specialist. Praying it all goes well and there is no permanent damage to my left kidney. I am feeling better and stronger everyday. Still get tired easily so I have to pick and choose what I can do and how much I get out of the house. But over all I feel like my spleen is heading in the right direction and that would be down. Ha!
Have a great weekend!

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