Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Friday, March 23, 2012

More Spring Cuteness, Career Day And Good News!

Well, the good news is I went to the kidney specialist and they said there is no permanent damage to my kidney. All the inflammation on my left side is being linked to my spleen being enlarged. I had total peace about it yesterday before my Dr. appointment; I just knew my kidneys were fine. I did have another flare up on Monday with my spleen and lymph nodes in my neck so they started me on another round of steroids to get it all down. I think we are just now dealing with it all just taking time. Time for my body to heal, time for all the inflammation in my side to go down and just time to recover over all. I go see the RA Dr. on the 10th so I am hoping by then my spleen is behaving. Ha!

I have had lots of time to do crafts and fiddle around the house. I saw a banner like this in a magazine and thought,"Hey I can make that way cheaper!" So here is my version.
I went to Creative Journeys and used their dye cut machine to make the letters. Then my mom shaded them in and I just layered them with cute spring paper.

This little bunny family was on clearance at JoAnne's and was just begging me to bring them home.

Morgan was treated to a day/night at the fire station to shadow Dan and his crew. She took her camera and documented her time so she could write a report for school. Here are just a couple photos she took.
Morgan and a few of the guys.

I of course raised her right and so on the way to drop her off we hit up the bakery at Martha Greens and treated the guys to cookies, cupcakes, canolies, bite size cheesecakes etc. A little secret? If you are ever going to visit a fire station for any reason; bring treats! They love being treated to goodies and it makes them feel loved! :)

Morgan said she had a blast playing a game of baseball and she said she hit some good ones.
The ladder truck heading out on a call......
Be safe guys!

Sleeping in the pull down Murphy bed next to daddy in his chiefs office.........
Daddy even loaded her up in his chief's truck and treated her to dinner at the Soup Plantation. She is super excited to go back for another night this summer and hopefully catch some good fire action. ;)
Have a great weekend!


Jessica said...

I love that Morgan got to stay the night at the station, that is so awesome. You know she'll remember that forever :-)

BC said...

So fun! Sounds like Morgan had a great time. I am so happy about your news. I have been a true pray warrior on your behalf. :) Wish I was crafty...but sadly my Type A limits me in this regard. :(

Christy said...

Ha! I tend to be type A as well but lately I have had to choose my battles and just "be" and enjoy the little craft time I have right now. Thank you for being a prayer warrior; I knew I was being covered in prayer and it has made all the difference. :)