Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, March 12, 2012


Whew! What a 15 day ordeal this has been! My brain is tired.
I had my follow up today to go over blood work and the praise report it there were no counts off, no weird diseases that they could see coming up. So two thumbs up for no new disease! ;)

My kidney is still enlarged but they don't know what triggered it. He is leaning toward a major flare up of my RA but is still going to send me to a urologist to have my kidney looked at closer.
He is also going to send me to a new RA Dr. to monitor me closer over the next several weeks.

Today is my last day of steroids so they are going to see if my spleen continues to go down or flares up more. So I am supposed to still lay low, rest, no lifting, no gym, no walking the, no, no!
"NO RUPTURING YOUR SPLEEN this is serious." Were his exact words.
My exact words? "How long before I can go for a walk so my butt doesn't spread from here to kingdom come! Huh? Can you tell me that Dr.?" I didn't say it like that exactly, he-he!

I wonder if going to buy a pair of shoes counts as to much activity? I mean I have never met a cute pair of sandals that didn't make everything better. LOL!

Thank you again for checking on me. For praying. For the scriptures, phone calls, text messages, emails and everything! We are praying for complete healing this week and that it all just dies down and I can start on the road to feeling better.

I read this quote last week,"Faith is the refusal to freak out"-Martha Lloyd Jones
I love that! It is refusing to freak out when our life comes to a screaming halt and doesn't go our way.
I mean two weeks ago I was on my way to the travel agent with 10 other family and friends to book a cruise for next year and instead I landed in the ER. Can you hear the screeching breaks now? SCREECCCCCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! OK God I'm listening what's up? You have my attention.

I told Pastor Brian yesterday that the last two weeks has me asking,"What happened? How did we get here? We were going along just fine, doing our thing, feeling healthy and now what, were dealing with kidneys that aren't working? Really?"

But refusing to panic is such a great goal. Refusing to let Satan get a foot hold or to have a say on how things will go down regardless of how scared you are. He doesn't get to say. God does. He's not in control. God is.
God is in the BIG and the small of it all, day in and day out. Refusing to panic and just allow Gods plan to unfold is easier said than done for sure. In regards to our health, our kids, our marriages, our finances, our ministries etc. But how we respond is what others around us see. That is when our true character reigns.

Truth be told I'm still a little concerned how all this is going to play out over the next week. I mean until they are convinced my kidneys are back to normal I'm a little on edge, a little on edge about my spleen still being enlarged; But all morning I just kept praying I would be a light in the Dr. office. That I would not let panic set in or my nerves get the best of me. Refusing to panic is hard work. Ha!

Maybe if your really, really good I will document my 24 hour urine collection I have to do on Sunday. I'm thinking it will go something like this;

8am-Get up pee in jug
8:15am-drink water
8:30am-pee in jug
9:00am-well, you get the idea! Can you hardly wait? Please don't delete my blog...........


BC said...

Love it! The pee log that is. ha ha. I appreciate your strength under fire and you are right on the money that we are a light to those lost in a dark world. Way to be an example! Keep us posted.

krista said...

I will still read your blog- promise. Pee log or not ;)
We are praying for complete healing for you, with a sense of peace and presence of how BIG and faithful our God is, in the midst of it all.
Are you reading? Or just resting?

Christy said...

Reading for sure! I usually read a book a week. Although this week I am hoping to get out of the house more. :)Did you have a good book suggestion?

Elizabeth Mary said...
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Jessica said...

haha, your last thing made me laugh. You keep taking it easy missy!!!! Praying for healing for you.