Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just another day at the beach.....

ok, so usually I am not brave enough to go to the beach withoutout my husband but this particular day we had no choice since he got ordered over and we had already RSVP for a birthday party; so after bribing my aunt to no end we all loaded up and headed out for our "relaxing" day at the beach. Do you remember those days of past when you would just throw a towel, a radio, and a bottle of water in the car and that was all you needed for the day? You would lay on the beach with your eyes closed and just relax? Ya' its foggy for me too. :) Well, if you follow the sequence of the pictures you can see my girls playing in the water and having fun but then the next shot is of Ryanne being pulled up and it looks like Morgan is just sitting there right? Oh no my children tried tirelessly to drown that day. They kept getting knocked over and I would have to grab them as they were being sucked out. They thought it was funny (being fearless and all) so as you look at the next photo you see a not so happy mama pulling them back up to the beach to "just be" for a few minutes. The last photo is of my Aunt who was the photographer (poporatzi) totally spelled wrong I am sure but she just kept snapping away not realizing that every shot was not only of my butt (nice) but also me wondering where the relaxing days of summer had gone. The water + my children is NEVER relaxing. Oh well, how boring life would be without our little bundles of energy right?


DonnaG said...

Let me just say this. If I looked like you I would be posting all kinds of bikini pics of me all over the internet.

I know what you mean about going to be beach with dad. It is kind of scary. Thankfully, I always seem to have a friend that wants to go too. What beach did you go to? Call me next time and I will go with you. But, please no pics of me and you together.

Rhonda said...

I love the picture of you walking in with the girls. Morgan looks like she is trying to cut a deal with you.

Jessica said...

I think I'd better go to the beach one last time before I have Ethan! We were there this summer with Matt's family and I realized how much work it was watching Matt's brother and his wife with their two kids... it is no easy feat (sp?) with little ones! They had the baby carrier, bags of toys, towels, diaper bag, snacks, etc. Meanwhile Matt and I each had our chair and towel and we were good to go. It looks like your girls had fun :)