Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Flying Fish!

Tonight Morgan tried out for the swim team. She was so excited. Me on the other hand; I was just praying she wouldn't drown trying to impress anybody.
As you can see by the photos she was very sure of herself and her ability to make it. She did great and after one full lap of freestyle, the back stroke and some butterfly moves she is on her way to sompete next month. She was dying to get on the phone to daddy and Grandma Carole the minute we got in the car. She was going a 100 miles a minute telling them that the tryout were to short and she wasn't done swimming. :) I will post photos of her first meet.
To everyone who has called or e-mailed and asked about Ryanne she is hanging in there and look what I found tonight............her great smile is back...........well at least until the drugs wear off & then she either kicks the dog or bites her sister..........yup, lots of patience this week!


Jessica said...

Yippee for the swim team... being a former swimmer myself I happen to think swimming is one of the best sports ever ;) Glad Ryanne is starting to feel better!

Faithy said...

Morgan is sooo cute! Gracie can't wait for soccer to be over so she can join Morgan :) (she asked if she do swimming instead, but too late we've already paid for soccer & started practices)
Glad Ryanne is feeling better & is starting to act more like herself again!
Tell your girls my girls say hi! :)

christy p said...

YEAHHHH congrats to Morgan. She looks adorable in her flying suit :) Also....poor Ryanne....glad she is feeling better tho.