Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to the family baby Tyler!!

We got to spend the day in San-Diego yesterday meeting the newest member of our family. Dans brother David and his wife Kim just welcomed their first baby into the world on July 26th. The girls and I were so excited to see a brand new baby. Dan said I started shaking the minute I walked in the door. :) He said it was best for everyones safety if they just handed over the baby. I told him becuase he's a man he can't understand the draw to the sweet little bundles of joy. He said as long as I got my fix and didn't want anymore he was fine with me holdin him. No worries honey, I love sleeping through the night and both girls being potty trained is the best! But getting my "fix" once in a while is fun too! Here are a few photos of our family loving on the babe. I hope everyone is having a blessed weekend! :)


christy p said... I know that feeling of needing to get a baby "fix" in! Congrats on your new nephew. He is adorable!

Jessica said...

Cute baby :) We missed you on Saturday too! Glad you could see your new nephew, bummer it worked out to be during the shower. It was great to have coffee with you on Friday too :) Love you!

DonnaG said...

Heyyyyy newborns are sweet. Congrats to your in laws on the fine lookin' boy!

PS... I love that you did two posts in one day. That's better than one post every two weeks!!!!

Faithy said...

You know I love babies! :) I saw the pictures though & started freaking out, thinking maybe you'd been keeping this little guy a secret and he was yours! haha! Glad you had fun with the new baby, he is beautiful! Anytime you want a baby fix you're welcome to come to my house!