Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another day in the life of Ryanne......

The weather could not have been more beautiful on Monday so after being "over" doing the laundry and cleaning the house Ryanne and I decided to give in to our sping fever and head to the park. I love that I am a spontanious person and am able to just pick up and go at the slightest mention of fun. But I hate that I often think about it to late. Honestly, I have no problem skirting around my so called responsibilitys as a stay at home mom. If there is fun to be had I have no problem leaving the dishwasher full, the laundry folded on the table, or the kids rooms a mess. Its just that sometimes I get tunnel vision and think that is what is important. Dont get me wrong I like my house clean and picked up, I like to have clean clothes to wear but I LOVE life more. And lets be honest living is not done in the laundry room. ;)
I often think the second child gets left out on some of the spontaneous moments that you shared when you only had one. You were more care free, only had one other little person to look after etc. But now we have big sisters homework, big sisters swim practice, big sisters social life and swim meets, and church outings and on and on and on. The babe just gets used to tagging along.
So today I threw the blanket in the car, grabbed the camera, stopped and got us lunch and some lemonade (see there I go living on the edge again) and we went and just laid in the grass together. I felt so refreshed, happy, and Ryanne felt important and doted on.
I let her take a picture of us. Cute huh?
I am glad I took the time to "just be" and yes after an hour or so of throwing our cares and all the stuff I should have been doing it was back to carpool, homework, swim practice, & dinner. You want to know the most amazing part though? When I got home the laundry was still there, the dishes were still dirty, and the rooms still not picked up. But the dirt all over Ryanne's face, tha band-aid on her knees, and the fact that she got to tell big sis all about her day at the park with mommy was priceless. Have a great day today.


Rhonda said...

One of the accountability questions I have with my group is, "how have you spent time enjoying your children this week?" This is what that's all about - way more important than the chores that will still be there tomorrow, or when the kids go to bed.

Jessica said...

You are right... the chores will always be there, but the precious moments you get to spend with your children won't. Looks like you had fun :)

DonnaG said...

chores stink and kids stink too but it is best when they stink because of the fun and dirt they got to enjoy!

christy p said...

You are such a good mom. I need to remember to put the chores away more often and just GO PLAY. What a great reminder!