Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Need VS. Want

So my friend Jessica (you can find of her on my list of blogs) posted a challenge last week to see if anyone wanted to join her in saving money for the month of March. The way you do it is to not buy anything you dont "need". To often we pick up this or that and impulse buy. All the little things add up so quickly. It got me thinking so I decided to join her along with a few other people brave enough to really look at what they are spending their money on. I started playing a little extra game to take it one step further. I put an envelope in my car and everytime I would normally go through and get a tea at starbucks I put that money in the envelope instead. I kept track at the grocery store yesterday and everytime I reached for something I didn't need but that just looked good I took that amount and stuck it in my envelope. Just walking through Clraks I saved $20. I will skip my lunch date with aunt this week; cha-ching! another $12. I will keep you posted as the month goes on & let you know how much I made in my stash. I am going on vacation to SF with my cousin in April so what ever money I save this month will be a little "mad money" for my trip. :) Yay!
Oh and yes many of you are thinking,"hey, didnt you get a massage yesterday?" yes but that is a NEED. It helps me to keep moving with my arthritis. :)

If anyone else wants to join in its not to late! :)


Jessica said...

Good job :) I went to the mall today with Faith... I had to exercise some self control for sure!

christy p said...

I am soooo joining you. We have been talking a lot about me going back to work. Maybe if we/I stop spending, I can stay home one more year.

Last night we almost went out to dinner...instead I opened up a can of soup. Easily saved $40..(six people eat a lot!)

Rhonda said...

I'm in. We are working on our household budget right now. This is good timing.

Frisco said...

What a great challenge! I will definitely be intentional with what I am spending. Thanks for the idea.