Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, March 31, 2008

Pajama Day & Morgan wins!!

This week at Morgan's school is spirit week. Each day the kids get to come to school some fun, unusual way. Today was PJ day. I can't tell you how happy Morgan was to roll out of bed and into the car for school with no fuss of getting clothes. It made my life alot easier as well. I think we might be on to something here; I mean forget school uniforms and bring on the PJ'S and the happy stress free mornings. I know on the RARE occasion that I get to stay in my grungies all day I am a happier me. :) I will post pictures each day of what she does. Stay tuned cause tomorrow is crazy hat and sunglasses day. Too cute!! The second half of my post "Morgan wins!" goes waaaaaayyyy back to about a year ago. Morgan has been begging Dan to let her get her ears pierced. Now I for one could care less. I am not a huge jewelry person and we had decided from the get go that we would let our girls decided on their own when they were ready to get their ears pierced and when they were ready to care for them. Well, the time came and Dan freaked! He got all wierded out and acted like she was going to get a tatoo or something. On and on for weeks about how she was his first baby and so on. Really very dramatic. :) Sorry honey its true. So Morgan backed off for a long time and then a couple of weeks ago came to him and said she had been praying about it and if it dishonored God she didn't want to do it. It took everything Dan had to not let her think it dishonored God. So tonight with Dan dragging behind us at the mall we went and she got her ears pierced. She was so cute and brave. Dan too!
Here she is before..................

Here she is on the second hole. She and Dan are holding hands. Darn it I should have taken a picture of that too.

Here she is after. When it was all over she pulled me down and said,"mom, that REALLY hurt ya' know." We all went out for a family dinner and topped off the evening with a celebration milk shake. Good job Morgan, I think you look beautiful.


Jessica said...

Congrats on getting your ears pierced Morgan! Spirit week after spring break this year huh? I'll bet the teachers are just loving that...haha. Spring break was always our reward for making it through spirit week and Friendship games. I like crazy hair day the best.

Rhonda said...

Congratulations!!! I got my ears pierced when I was 7 too. From the pictures, you were really brave Morgan.