Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pools, more pies, nudity and plauges......

We were at Costco about a week ago and decided to pick up this little 18' pool for our kids to play in this summer when its to stinkin' hot to do anything else and we dont want them in the house anymore. Seriously, it's either gas for the SUV or air conditioning people. We have gone back and forth for years about whether or not to have a "real" pool put in and even had plans drawn up. But neither of us could stomach having the debt of what it would cost to put in a pool so we opted to have peace about a $500 pool that we could pay for out right! :) Dan put it together and I did what any good wife does and I watched. Oh, oh and I brought him iced tea. ;)
The kids; Just know when I say the "kids" I also mean our adopted children from next door. :) The kids got to finally christen the pool on Sat. It was freezing cold still and their lips were blue but they didnt care. We have this amazing view from every angle of our backyard so I am just waiting for the water to be warmer so I can lock the kids in their rooms, lay on a raft with a cold drink and............oh wait this is for the kids right? ;) Ok, now on to pies; we had such a great response to our pie the other night that when our friends next door offered to BBQ for us Saturday night we decided to make another. It was even better I think. The girls and I have gotten a bit confident and have decided that this week we will be going up the hill to the farm to pick blackberries. Then on Fathers Day while Dan is working we will surprise he and his crew with fresh blackberry pie and homemade apple pie. We are taking orders if anyone is interested. :)
So on to nudity, I wont be including a photo for obvious reasons. Although I did put one of her above to remind you of her cuteness which I am always telling you is a disguise. Friday night Dan had an OT so the the girls and I went to our friends house to let the kids play before she moves and so I could go through some papers I needed to see; long story short, Ryanne decides to take her clothes off in front of the little boys and show him her privates! Now you might be thinking,"well, kids do that kind of stuff right?" Ok yes, but this is like the 4th time! The kid has a serious issue with flaunting her stuff. She has even done it in sunday school where lets just say they were a little less than thrilled. I meanshe DOES NOT get this from me. It has to me her dad. She will do anything for a laugh. So when the boys laughed she took off more. Can anyone say "pole dancing?" Scary thought. I mean I am sure I am the only mother who has to stop her kid before they go into church and say something like,"Honey, if oyu take your clothes off in here or give the kids a class on anatomy you are soooooo dead when we get home are we clear?" Ya' welcome to my life!
Last but not least, our pastor has been working through the book of Exodus and we are talking about the plagues that God sent to Pharaoh and his people. I got really cocky last week thinking,"hello, I mean how stupid do you have to be?" God would have had me at the flies and frogs. But the boils? EEWWW no. But then I was talking to my friend Yvonne and I was telling her that I realized I am Pharaoh in that how many times does God have to tell me to soften my heart and let him have control? He doesnt send plagues per say (three year old naked) but what I am getting at is God wanted Pharaoh to obey, to see that God was powerful and in control of all things. Do I have a healthy fear of the Lord and if so how do I live that out daily? Good question huh? Serioulsy though, you can keep your frogs, flies and baseball sized hail I AM listening! :)


Jessica said...

How fun that you got a pool :) Ryanne cracks me up. I know it's not so funny to you, but she is a hoot! You're right... "keep your clothes on" is not one of those things you think you should have to remind your children all the time, haha.

DonnaG said...

Heyyyy we have that same pool. Except we paid $249. For many years we had the Intex pool with the inflatable tube. This year we switched to metal frame. Same size but way better. 18' is ginormous and 6500 gallons of H2O.

We just set it up for Jacob's bday two weeks ago. It is awesome awesome awesome. Seriously, I think it is one of the best investments we have made. It is nice to take it down in September and not have any pool maintence for 8 months.

About the nakie thing. Love it love it love it. Sorry, but it cracks us up. No pun intended.

Christy said...

OK Donna you pain $249? Well, there I go getting screwed again! We looked everywhere and couldnt find it less than $449 at Costco. Its the 18' 52" one. Plus we bought the stuff to go under it so that was another $300. Just tell me it was a good deal so I can sleep tonight. :)

The Keilers said...

okay made me laugh out loud. Ryanne is so funny! and I'm sure she's doing this to get a laugh. You're handling it all with such grace :).

MLasch said...

I hate to tell you, but we got ours for $100. BUT... I had to wait until the end of the season and go to Target everyday until it went that low! I LOVE IT. I'm about to get in right now! I bought a floatie, so I could sit and read my book. It has a cupholder, so I can literally spend hours in it. Also, we bought a blanket that looks like bubble wrap to heat it up. It works wonderfully. Now our pool is about 80 degrees!

Bye, I'm off to "swim".

Rhonda said...

Ryanne is a hoot. I thought it was funny when she did it the day we visited.
And I would totally be there for pie if we lived closer. We got fresh boysenberries the other day from the berry patch up the road - yum! I also got to taste Tayberries for the first time, also very yummy.

Christy said...

Ok, $100? I am sure you all are yanking my chain now! I mean we went everywhere and your must blow up right? I mean come on Michelle did you have to add salt to the wound! ;) We went to target but they didnt carry the biggest one and Toy R Us was $600! I think you guys are messing with me. We did get the bubble wrap heaty thing but no way no how am I telling for how much. :)

Mama's Losin' It said...

It's funny how we can be knocked over the head a thousand times and still wonder where God is. A lot of people don't get it.

And that pool looks like SO much fun...I'll join you with my raft and drink...Saturday at 2ish??

christy p said...

Christy, that view is SO amazing.

As for Ryanne...she is SOOOO Emily.

Let's get together this summer. I think the kids would have a blast.