Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Stuff....................................

Morgan's class had their end of the year swim party on Tuesday. Yup' 22 kids all in one backyard pool. It was fun though and we had the most amazing weather. We were asked to bring cupcakes so we made 24 cupcakes. Morgan put shark sprinkles on the yellow ones and turtles on the pink ones. I think they were a hit. :) sad that someday they will think putting sprinkles on cupcakes with mom is lame huh? Here is her last class picture for the year. Mrs. Witt and Mrs. De Ward were amazing. And Morgan just fell in love with them. Her class had tons of energy and character. Fun memories for the year.
I took every ones advice and went with the gift cards. I found out each teacher had a wish list of personal likes that they kept in the Scrips office. So I went in there and bought them gift cards to their favorite places. Below is the box I made for my friend and carpool buddy. She likes these cookies I made so that is what it is filled with.
OK, so for weeks Christy P. my fellow blogger friend and firefighters wife has been braggin' about her saving at the grocery store. Every fiber in my little competitive self wants to play along and see if I can beat her. But since I don't grocery shop at regular stores and Trader Joe's and Clark's does not do double coupons I had to find a way to get in on this with her. :) I swear some people NEVER grow up. :) So any-who, this past Sunday I got the Michael's add in the paper and they were having this huge sale on paper, paint, stickers, ribbon etc. You name it and it was on sale for a $1. Well, I don't scrapbook but I have two little girls that love to cut, paste, color and create so with a full summer ahead of us I figured I would stock up on a few things.
30- pieces of scrapbook paper
6-bottles of paint
2-paint brushes
2-bags of colored beads/marbles
2-sketch notebooks
2-ceramic figures (for the girls to paint)
6-rolls of ribbon
2-packs of cute napkins (for me)
1-box of photo corners
2-packs of puff stickers
1-Suduko book (for Dan for his fathers day bag)
All for the grand total of $40! Now I am not as patient as Christy so I am not going to sit and do all the math to tell you how much I saved so you will just have to take my word that at .25 a sheet for paper and $1 for ribbon I saved big and the girls will be thrilled. Of course I came home and hid everything so that when those precious words that American children should be ashamed they even utter come out; "mommy, I'm bored!!!" I can pull things out.

Here is a great picture of my beloved worn in, shaggy lookin' flip flops. This is really a tribute of sorts to them. Yesterday morning my friend next door and I were standing at the fence talking. Soooooooo Lucy and Ethal. Anyway, she mentioned that she had just heard this study on the radio about flip flops being the second worst shoe for your foot right after heels. She said,"maybe you should consider that with your arthritis and bad knees. I think the look on my face (which I don't make much effort to hide anyway) was probably enough to kill someone. I mean I know she meant well (if your reading this I love you my dearest friend) but come on! I mean not the flip flops! If you know me then talking bad about flip flops is just well; I don't know sinful. I LOVE my flip flops. I wear them all year round. I don't think I ask for much in this life. A smile here and there, polite kids, decent food occasionally, for my husband to take the trash out and for flip flops to reign free throughout my house. I tried to explain to her that sometimes cute itself is just a factor and it's hard to be sporting cute feet all year long but someone has to do it and I don't mind taking one for the team. My final argument that I stand by in going to old lady shoes just because my knees are giving out (ghee's you'd think I was dying or something) is this; I have given up dairy, wheat, gluten and pretty much as much refined sugar and caffeine you can without being dead. I can manage that. In fact I embrace it. I quit dreaming about pizza, I no longer crave real ice cream and have learned to love salads without ranch. But nobody, not no how messes with the flop. Capishe?


Jessica said...

I'm glad you went with the gift cards. I should have mentioned the notebook, I forgot all about that. It was always handy when I needed to get something for a co-worker too.

Glad the pool party went well. Hope Morgan has a great last day of second grade tomorrow :) I was bawling my eyes out at this time last year b/c it was my last year teaching, haha.

I hear ya about the flip flops. A while ago I was having arch problems and I thought I was going to have to give up flip flops... I seriously went into mourning. I was looking around for the cutest flip flops I could find that had arch support, but luckily the pain went away and I'm back to my stylish, but very bad for my feet flip flops.

Erica Young said...

Those cupcakes look good! Glad the pool party went great. It's hard to have a teacher you love and only have them for one year.

I love flip flops too! I just throw mine on and go everywhere. I hate wearing shoes so I don't mind wearing flip flops.

Sarah said...

So glad they had a good time at their party. Angel said goodbye to the kids today... and the only one he singled out was Morgan. *tears* If he gets well, I know the boys would love to play with your girls.

Also HAD to tell you about the flip flop thing. The report I read was that they are WORSE than heels! I was contemplating buying something a little more supportive as well and bought THESE§ion=products We'll see how it goes!

christy p said...

Okay, you totally made me laugh out loud! I am competitive too...must be something in the name??? Those cupcakes look GOOD.


Crystal said...

Have you tried Rainbows? There a little pricey, but I love mine, they last FOREVER, and they have good arch support (I think?). I only have a few pairs of flip flops, but I wear them all of the time too! (Look at us going on and on about flip flops. oh dear:).)