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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why are people hatin' on me at the pool?

What is up with the bitter moms at the pool lately? I mean is it the heat getting to them or something? Last night I get to the pool with Morgan & Ryanne and I sit down on a bench in between my friend and some lady I do not know. Now it is like 100 degress still and I had been out all day with my aunt trying to find a bathing suit for the summer. I was hot, tired and after small talk and just laughing a bit at the kids I had pretty much gone to my happy place and zoned out. Let me set the scene for you: Ryanne is sitting on her towel at my feet playing with her friend and waiting for her class time. With as much excitement that a 3 year old can muster up she exclaims,"WE ARE GOING TO LEGO LAND FOR BIRTHDAY IN JULY!"

grumpy lady: "I HATE that place!!"
me: "hate? really?"
grumpy lady: "yes HATE! Have you ever been there?"
me: "uummm no not yet."
grumpy lady: "Oh I HATE it!" (again with the hate) "All there is to do is walk around and look at Legos EVERYWHERE!"
me: (thinking to myself of course) henc the name Lego Land"Well, our entire family adores Legos so we should have fun."
grumpy lady: staring at me as if I had two heads.
me: uummmm.......(akward silence) yes we play legos all the time and the girls will sit for hours together creating things.
grumpy lady: "well then, you will like it I guess."

Flash back a week with me if you will. Morgan has been complaining about this older boy on her team who has been calling her stupid names and picking on her. I told her to ignore him cause boys will do that when they want your attention. I said,"it wont be the last time a boy thinks you are cute and calls you names. Its twisted sister but get used to it!"

ok, flash back forward to last night. Still sitting by the grumpy lady who I do not know. but is bent on being negative to me for whatever reason.

Morgan: "mom, you know that boy I keep telling you about?" he kept kicking my gear away from the edge of the pool so I couldnt reach it and calling me baby etc.

grumpy lady: "oh, you mean that boy right there?"

Morgan: "yeesssss"
(you see where this is going right? If not let me help you, it's her FREAKIN' kid!)

Morgan: not putting the two together says,"well, so anyway mom he keeps moving my gear and calling me names and I am trying to ignore him like you said."

Me: uncomfortable movement on the bench wanting the night to be over. "it's ok Morgan just let it go ok?"

grumpy lady: "Morgan, do you know why he keeps calling you baby and beef jerky?"

Morgan: "uummmmm, no"

grumpy lady: "because you called him a jerk the other night so at least he is being nice to you!"

Me: ok, now you've crossed the line lady, so I am going to step in cause Morgan looks at me like what the heck? "Morgan, did you call him a jerk?"

Morgan: no mommy I didnt. I swear.

Me: good enough. I believe your word. Glare at the women for not being mature enough to ask if Morgan did that as apposed to accusing her.

A side note. The kid is coming right up to Morgan in front of his mom and picking on her still! HEEELLOOOOOOO! The kid is in like 6th grade. Morgan is 7! I mean give me a break. Oh and his little sister walks up and starts picking on Morgans friend. So my friend and I finally say" no more, knock it off!"

I have a little tip for grumpy lady and all you other parents who want to blame others for your kids behavior (oh and no I dont think my kids are perfect by any measure, read previous posts.) But I do believe I know their character and when they tell me they didnt do something I believe them unless I have reason not to . Back to the future jail birds. Now is the time to teach your kids that they are responsible for their own behavior. They cant go throug life pointing fingers at other kids for the reason they did something. Because if they do F.Y.I the judge will be pointing his finger at them someday and at you and saying "you really should have nipped this in the butt sooner!" There, all my parenting wisdom rolled into one post. Run with it if you will.

Last but not least. I wanted to update you on Ryanne and her swimming. She is doing so much better. She was made to apologize last week to each coach and instructor and tell them why she was sorry and that her behavior was not ok. She has been very obedient since then and also VERY proud of herself and what she is accomplishing. Honestly I think more proud of her behavior than she is of her attempts at swimming. :) Have a good one and today parent with intention.


MLasch said...

I love your wit and wisdom!

Jessica said...

oh man, way to control yourself with that lady. I definitely saw that teaching.... that the apple does not fall far from the tree! The most difficult children usually had difficult parents as well.

Andrea&James said...

Ohhh girl you have more control than I do. By the way, lego land is fun whether you like playing with legos or not. Check out Wendy's for free kids admission. Yes that means you will have to buy your kids fast food!

christy p said...

Christy, I know this won't help you, but I am just so thankful this stuff happens to someone else besides me too. You want me to take out grumpy lady and her son? I will do it...just say the word. LOL

Rhonda said...

Good job girl! There was a parent like that on Merritt's soccer team, but after baseball she has softened up to me. Maybe all that praying for her has helped?

And my kids LOVE LegoLand. It is definitely geared for grade school kids, but fun nonetheless. They ask to go there just as much as they ask for Disneyland. Not to belittle Disneyland, but honestly a fun day at an amusement park is a fun day at an amusement park when your 7 and 4. It doesn't really matter which park it is.

the brock clan said...

I would have done the same thing to grumpy lady! That is so dumb...I can't stand when people act that way.

Mama's Losin' It said...

There are just some people in this world with chips on their shoulders. They're frustrating and I'm SO glad I don't have to deal with any on a daily basis. Kudos to you for stepping in on Ryanne's behalf. I think a lot of moms chicken out to avoid a confrontation. Looks like we know exactly where the 6th grader gets his awesome behavior...

The Keilers said...

So funny. Such witt. You make me laugh! I wish I could've been there too. I'd a accidently spilt something on her too. opps.

M~ said...

Wow. I have never seen such a bold act of disrespect and animosity toward a complete stranger! I mean, wow!
I live in the South, so maybe people here are different....

Keep standing with integrity! :)