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Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Hume Lake Photos

One morning while the girls were in camp we went for a little walk part way around the lake. It was beautiful. Tons of ladies went jogging by getting there exercise. After one lady passed me (over achiever) I simply stated to Dan that running really isn't good for you. He just started cracking up & said,"honey, you only run if something is chasing you." So what's his point? I simply prefer to pose at the top of rocks with no shoes on. Everyones a critic I tell ya'
Here is my friend Rhonda. Remember I mentioned she and her family drove up from Hanford to visit with us. Thank you again guys.
We did get three of the five children to stand still for a photo at least. I think if you click on Rhondas blog she has one of four of them hanging out the back of our Jeep. Molly was of course safely in her car seat.
This is what three days of day camp & serving at Romance does to you. So cute!
Ummmm......yes these are my children posing with their grandmother. Actually as silly as this is it pretty much sums up their relationship. The three of them get together and get so silly. They tell stories, play barbies (who aparantly come alive) and just act plain crazy. They went for a walk in the woods and my Mother in law slipped on some pine needles sliding down the hill a bit. She said Morgan could have helped her if she wasn't on her side rolling with laughter. Anyone see something wrong with that picture! :)

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Jessica said...

Glad you guys had a nice time. Hopefully you managed to get some relaxing in with all that hard work.