Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So Thankful

Today I was at Trader Joes picking up a couple things I needed and I was in a huge hurry because I wanted to get home before it got to hot (ya' right) get my laundry done, get Ryanne down for a nap etc. As I was loading my car a middle aged women appraoched me carrying a basket full of suckers wrapped with ribbons and little decorations. She said she was selling the candy to help support her family and would take any help she could get. My first response was,"I'm sorry I cant today." I'll be honest with you here when I tell you that first and formost I get freaked about being approached when I am alone with my girls. I am usually a very trusting person (to a fault) but when it comes to my girls I am always on guard.
I finished loading my car which took all of another 10 seconds and all the while the things that ran through my head (and yours when you are approached for money if you are honest) were;
What is she really gonna do with the money?
Does she really have a family at home?
Does she really think I am going to take that candy and give it to my kids?

Then as I looked into my rear view mirror I noticed people on their cell phones wakling by her as she tried to approach them and they ignored her as if she was invisible. Didn't exist. Walked right through her. I saw her face and the hurt and the defeat and I heard God give me the answers to my questions above.
It's none of your business.
It's not your concern.
It's not the real reason you didn't talk to her.

So I dug into my purse and went to find her. I gave her the money but told her she could keep her candy. Of course we can't give to everyone and I understand that. I don't know what determines if you give to people or not but for me there was just this tugging in my heart. It broke my heart to see people act like someone else did not exist or that they weren't even worth an acknowledgement of some kind. When I got back in the car Morgan said,"that was nice of you mommy." I am reminded through that women who was trying to help her family in the most honest way that she knew how just how blessed I am. I have a safe comfortable place to call home, a husband who has a stable job that not only provides for us but allows me to stay home and raise up our girls. I have a reliable car, health insurance, food on the shelves and clothes to wear. All of these things are present in my life and in the amount that is way above what I actually need.

I know I can't save the world or fix every one's money problems but I love that the Holy Spirit tugs at my heart and allows me to hear in the midst of all the chaos that is going on in our world. Are you listening?


Erica said...

That is so sad that if she "really" does need the money that she has to sell candy for her family. Your heart is in the right place!

By the way it looked like you had a great 4th of July!

Jessica said...

I'm always torn with those types of people too. One part of me wants to help and the other part asks those same questions. Unfortunately sometimes I am one of those people that ignore others when they are asking for money. I think I just get so tire of being approached by people asking me to sign something, or donate, or whatever.... but I guess it's better to kindly decline rather than ignore them and pretend they don't exist.

Eileen said...

Great story, awesome witness. This reminds me of a story of my own from a few years back, at a time when I didn't think I had any spare change. I was on my way to a Wednesday evening church service, and made a quick stop for a drink. A woman was crying, standing next to her broken down car. She appeared to be "hard" if you know what I mean, someone who probably had drug or alcohol issues. I felt the Lord tugging on my heart, and asked if I could help. (In the meantime, a security guard came to "protect" me, literally, making sure this woman wasn't bothering me.) She asked me to drive her home; she had no money for any transportation. I ended up driving back and forth with her and her significant other from the trailer park they lived in, and went to an auto parts store to buy them what they needed for their car. I truly was shocked that I was doing all this, but again, felt empowered and protected by the Holy Spirit. And I missed my evening church service. Three days later I was taking pictures of a church friend's family reunion (gratis), and the gathering of people took a collection to give me something for my time. It equaled, to the penny, the amount I had spent buying auto parts for strangers. I'm not telling this story to brag, I don't think I had any part in it, except to be obedient to the Holy Spirit's tugging on my heart. For once I listened.

Christy said...

oh I love that Eileen and I dont think you were bragging on yourself but rather what God is truly capable as far as blessing us and showing us his power. Thank you for that.

The Keilers said...

I need these reminders too. Our hearts callous so easily. Love you friend.

the brock clan said...

I think that is awesome that you listened to the HS like that! A lot of times, it is really easy to just ignore it and pretend it does not matter, but it does!

Rhonda said...

Awhile back, God helped me see that He will deal with those who are not on the up and up asking for help. What I have to be concerned with is MY attitude and MY compassion. When I get too busy to stop and help someone in need, my kids are always on me about it. I have gotten in the habit of trying to remember to buy an extra pack of hot dogs or apples or bag of baby carrots to give to the homeless people asking for help as we drive out of the WalMart parking lot. They are always incredibly grateful.

M~ said...

I'm tearing up over this! On so many levels....

I've been the "invisible" one, so I can feel that. And I've experienced where God has laid on my heart to give to someone.

The one that comes to mind right now is a young woman. I was grocery shopping, and I saw her around every corner. She was pregnant and being very careful about each item she placed in her cart as I'm over there with a mountain of whatever I feel like grabbing without looking at the price of a single thing. I felt it in my heart, as plain as though I had heard His voice speak....I was to buy this woman's groceries.
I wasn't sure how I could do that in a discreet and gentle way, so I decided to buy her a gift card at the checkout.

So there I am, pushing a cart full of bagged groceries back through the store to find this sweet pregnant lady that I've never met before....
I found her, and I was so nervous, you'd have thought I was asking her to marry me! I said, "Hi. You don't know me, but I just felt like I should buy your groceries today. Jesus loves you!" She grinned from ear to ear, hugged me, and thanked me....and I went on my way. :)

That is a treasure in my heart to this day, and I'll never regret it for a moment!

God blesses us so that we can bless others....never so that we can hold on to what He's given. :)

It's so sweet to hear that you were sensitive enough to hear Him in the moment...