Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hume Lake or Bust......................

Well, we made it back safe and sound from our week up at Hume Lake. We had a really good time serving at the Romance conference and the girls loved day camp as usual. Betty (my other in law) went with us and helped with the girls while we were working. I am pretty sure they wore her out although today she called and said her house was way to quiet. :) Here we are taking a break from working and attempting to get a family photo.The weather was amazing the entire time and seeing our friends made the trip all worth while. We were also blessed enough to serve five amazing couples. Its alot of work to serve at this particular conference but you cant help catch the bug when you get up there and see how passionate everyone is about marriage. And not only marriage but the endless possibilites that God provides for us to be blessed by him when we allow that to take place. This is a conference that is near and dear to our hearts because for 6 years we were on the other side being served. We spent one night praying and crying out to God with the staff on what to do in regards to going to meet Ryannes birth parents only to have her placed in our arms one week later. These people have been praying for our marriage, and encouraging us for many years. So when we started to feel Gods tug to serve other marriages it was a no brainer.
" Look ma', we were super heros at camp today!!"
uummm.............ya' she dug this up off the bottom of the lake. Who needs boys when you have these two?
This mama duck h ad 6 babies with her all week and my girls were so thrilled to follow her everywhere and keep tabs on her. The only problem is the day we left she only had 5 babies following her; Ryanne?
Betty & Morgan & I went for a walk one afternoon and this sweet babe crossed our path. Isn't she amazing? We all just stood there frozen forever. Then she and another deer walked down the road to finish eating. I have tons more pictures I want to post and I will over the next few days but today I must rest. I didn't want all you Bloggers to think I had fallen off the earth or something. I came home not feeling to great and landed in urgent care this morning with a really bad case of strep throat. It went something like this:
DR.:"Ok, so your throat and ears hurt?"
me: "yes"
Dr.: "let me look in your ears, eewwww. Thats not good."
Dr.:" let me look down your throat."
Me: "aaaahhhhhhh"
Dr."whoa, not good"
Me: "uummmm. ok"
Dr.: "you have blisters in your throat and tons of fluid on your ears."
Dr.: "you cant leave till' we get lab results back."
So I sat in the waiting room for two hours feeling like crap half falling asleep while Morgan read a book and Ryanne ran from one chair to the next till' she tripped just in the right spot and clothes lined herself on the chair next to me so badly that she almost knocked herself out and left a mark across her neck. Yup' good to be home. Only to hear from the Doctor that I am VERY contagious and should rest for the next few days oh and her final advice; you'll love this one all you women out there. And I quote,"try to pick up some medicine at the drug store cause this medicine gives crazy yeast infections!" Somebody pleeeaaassseee shoot me now!

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Rhonda said...

Sorry you're sick friend. I will be praying you get well soon.

I am sooooo glad we got to come see you guys.
We love you!